Welsh Bros. Corn

As the Labour Day long weekend approaches, our thoughts turn to corn. Roast corn, grilled corn, butter-dripping corn!

If you are not familiar with Welsh Bros. corn, you don’t know what you are missing. What makes Welsh Bros. crop a cut above the rest?


1. It’s GMO-free sweet corn.


2. It’s hand-picked: Machine-harvested corn tends to show much more damage. However, Charles Welsh and the family’s farm team choose to handpick their corn, meaning much less damage to those precious cobs.


3. It’s hand-graded. The Welsh farm team goes through each corn cob and selects only the best, guaranteeing you get the best-harvested corn.


4. It’s hydro-cooled daily, which helps to prolong freshness and slows the sugar in the corn from converting to starch, making for a better-tasting, sweet corn.


Farming corn in Scotland, Ontario since 1855, it’s safe to say this traditional farming family is dedicated to their trade. They grow two varieties of GMO-free sweet corn:


“Gourmet Sweet” a bi-colour sweet corn, also referred to as peaches and cream, has white and yellow kernels.

“Chocolate Sunshine” is a yellow corn variety with a distinctively delicious buttery flavour. It’s more of an old fashion corn with smaller cob, and bigger, plumper kernels.

Another reason you know Welsh Brother’s corn is special is that they sell exclusively to small and mid-size businesses that shop at the Ontario Food Terminal.

Visit a local independent green grocer to find Welsh Bros. corn and let us know what you think!


Charles Welsh Photo courtesy of Jazmin Welch


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