We grow community

With the holiday season in full swing, we here at Freshstalks have really gotten into the spirit of giving. Each of our members has a long history of giving to many different charitable organizations. For greater impact, the membership decided to collectively focus support on a few special partnerships. We Grow Community.





FoodShare plays an important role in delivering fresh produce to healthy meal programs throughout Toronto schools. Healthy bodies give rise to creative minds, the foundation of our future. Our donations help secure the continued delivery of these programs to over 40 000 school children throughout Toronto.

It takes a community to raise a healthy child

Obviously, we admit to some bias on the matter, but it seems pretty clear that fresh produce reigns supreme among other food options. Making fruit and vegetables a part of each meal benefits everyone but none more so than children. That’s why we donate to FoodShare. The non-profit organization sources high-quality produce from the Market and distributes it to meal programs they help set up throughout Toronto-area schools. Giving schoolchildren healthy food gets them ready to learn and keeps their energy levels strong while they grow. The programs that FoodShare supplies are foundational for the healthy bodies and creative minds we want shaping our future communities.



Daily Bread Food Bank and Second Harvest


We regularly donate time-sensitive produce to the food banks and food rescue programs respectively operated by Daily Bread Food Bank and Second Harvest. Everyone deserves access to healthy food including the most vulnerable within our society. This is why we supplement our donations of fruits and vegetables with monetary contributions.

910 000lbs

Since 2013 TWPA has donated 910,000 lbs of fresh produce to Daily Bread Food Bank.

We would like to acknowledge and thank Daily Bread Food Bank for their initiative and relentless efforts to divert fresh fruit and vegetables from landfills to feed families in need.

We’ve heard it time after time: Food goes to waste while thousands in our own backyard go hungry. Rising to this moral, economic and environmental challenge, the Ontario Food Terminal and its tenants want to end this refrain. With the help of Daily Bread Food Bank and their partner agency in this initiative, Second Harvest, our wholesalers divert unsold produce to thousands who don’t have enough to eat. Instead of going to landfills that contribute to greenhouse gas production, the Market’s time-sensitive produce is picked up three times a week by the two charities.

In 2014–2015, fresh vegetables accounted for 26 percent of the food distributed by Daily Bread, the lead charity in this initiative. All told, volunteers sorted, packed and distributed 1.7 million pounds of fresh fruit and vegetables. The more sensitive items are trimmed and used in community kitchens, while the stable produce is distributed through Daily Bread’s food banks and network of community agencies.

All of us at the Ontario Food Terminal feel fortunate and honoured to be in the fresh produce business where we can share nature’s bounty with Toronto’s most vulnerable.




We know nutrition is fundamental to our well-being, but to what extent? SickKids is at the forefront of researching the effects of nutrition on healing and growth in children. TWPA has donated to SickKids’ work in this area for years, which we feel is vital for the future of children around the world.

As leaders in child health, The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto is at the forefront of researching the effects of nutrition on healing and growth in children. SickKids, as it is commonly known, also offers expert advice to parents about healthy eating and issues affecting children’s nutrition from birth through the teen years. We’ve donated to SickKids’ work for years because we feel it is vitally important for the future of children all around the world.

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