Picking the Perfect Winter Squash

Autumn is finally in the air, and with it comes notions of hearty dishes. Nothing says hearty better than winter squash.  In recent years we have seen the varieties of squash multiply and it’s no wonder. Winter squashes are powerhouses of nutrients, flavour and versatility. We have five tips that will help you pick the perfect one, whatever variety catches your fancy.


What to look for in your winter squash:



Choose a squash that feels heavy for its size. The skin of winter squash is thicker and tougher than summer squash.



Your squash’s stem should be firm and dry.



Look for rich, deep colour of whatever type of squash you’re looking for. The colour may be different depending on type, but the deeper it is, the better.



A shiny surface means that your squash was picked too early; you are looking for dull and matte.


What to avoid

Cuts, cracks and soft spots.


This heirloom treasure, Sweet Meat squash, is this year’s must-have.


If you want to start small, go with Sweet Dumpling squash.


Pepper squash of the Acorn squash family, and his sister, White Swan.


For the fearless ( and strongest) among us there’s the tough-skinned Hubbard squash.


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