Freshstalks’ First Road Trip to St. Lawrence Market

We have been working hard to bring you something very exciting…

Our own roving produce stand, a Piaggio Ape. (Pronounced “ah-peh”, it means “bumble bee” in Italian). Freshstalks Ape will provide an opportunity to learn more about the Ontario Food Terminal’s  “small, special and local” offerings and the people behind them. We will be making appearances in the neighbourhoods where our customers have set up shop. For our first road trip, we knew there was no where more perfect than where it all started for us, more than a century ago, the St. Lawrence Market.


Why St. Lawrence Market?


Before moving to the Ontario Food Terminal, our produce wholesalers were located around St.
Lawrence Market, in downtown Toronto. This area, near the railway and harbour, was the base for
wholesale and retail distribution of fresh fruit and vegetables since the early 1800s and became “the”
place of business in the city. Evidence of the produce industry’s presence is still visible in the faded
print on the old brick facades and commemorative plaques adorning several of the area’s heritage
buildings. There’s no doubt we’ve left our mark and continue to do so!


What you’ll be able to pick up:


Ontario Ambrosia Apples
Farmer Tom Ferri and his wife Karen have a small apple orchard in Clarksburg, Ontario. These hand-picked
Ambrosia apples are available exclusively through the Ontario Food Terminal.
Find them at Family Food Market, Harbourfront Foods, and Urban Fresh Produce


Ontario Flemish Pears
Farmer Peter Fisher’s family has been growing pears since the late 1800’s. Locally grown in Burlington, his
prized Flemish pears are available exclusively through the Ontario Food Terminal.
Find them at Ponesse Foods & Phil’s Place


Chestnuts from Italy
Often called “marroni,” premium Italian chestnuts are large, firm with a voluptuous curved front.
Find them at Domino Foods.


When you’ll catch us:


Saturday, November 11

outside the St. Lawrence Market (92- 95 Front St East).





This flawless jumbo size Ontario Flemish pear is not the easiest to find because it’s not the easiest to grow. But its exceptional taste is worth the search!


Family portrait. Come meet a few of our Freshstalks family at St. Lawrence Market this Saturday 10-2.



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