Nuts for Domino Foods

Whether choice macadamia nuts or endless almond varieties, dried wild blueberries from Québec or sulphur-free figs from Turkey, unsweetened cranberries or organic pumpkin seeds, you’ll find it all in one place. That place is on the lower floor of the St. Lawrence Market, tucked into a back corner that is constantly teeming with hungry shoppers: Welcome to Domino Foods. 


Giovanni at Domino Foods, St. Lawrence Market.

Giovanni and his father John —with the occasional help of his brother Giacomo, sister Chiara and mother Linda —have been running the store since 1973. It’s fifteen hundred square feet of dried goods paradise. On any given weekday morning, local school kids swarm the store, gobbling the bulk candy (purchasing it first; the kids know better). Tourists and nearby condo dwellers pour in, buying olive oil from Abruzzo, an assortment of bulk spices, baking goods, salts, chocolates and the endless nuts and dried fruits. Saturdays are especially busy when Giovanni and family start at 5am. Other than a bit of wholesaling on the side, the store is the family’s sole means of income and it’s been so busy as to keep the family employed for two generations. Their success sits at the intersection of many things: the family’s hard work, providing what their shoppers want (which seems like everything) and the City of Toronto being the good custodian of what’s known as one of the best food markets in the world. Need a staple or want a treat? Domino Foods, and the entire market really, is one of those places where you haul out your wallet almost immediately.

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