Mighty Microgreens

Microgreens have been gaining attention and popularity recently as a culinary trend that just keeps picking up speed.

What are microgreens? They are the seedlings and sprouts of vegetables and herbs, used mainly as a garnish or an addition to a salad but the options are endless. Their vibrant colours and flavours make them an obvious choice for any meal. The best part? Though they may be tiny, they’re loaded with nutrients! These little babies are packed with vitamins, antioxidants other nutrients that are even thought to reduce the risk of disease, particularly certain types of cancer and eye disease. (Though different microgreens have different nutritional values, each are good for your health).

Greenbelt Microgreens


Greenbelt Microgreens, started in 2010, is dedicated to “promoting ecological growing practices, and more efficiently growing better food”. They use a state-of-the-art glass greenhouse to more efficiently grow higher quality microgreens – and you can really taste the difference!

Operating in Ontario’s Greenbelt, an area around the Golden Horseshoe, the organization promotes water and energy conservation, while protecting prized forest and farm land. Greenbelt farmers provide resellers with quality produce, including J. E. Russell Produce, the go-to source for Greenbelt Microgreens at our market!

When we visited the generous sales staff  at J. E. Russell, we were given total freedom to choose our microgreens but how do you pick just one?

Here’s a tip: the next time you’re in-store facing a display of these micro cuties, close your eyes and pick two. When you return next time, repeat. Forewarning—it won’t just be one! Alternatively, use this guide from Greenbelt to help you choose: Microgreen Guide

Now that you’ve chosen your microgreens, what do you do with them?

Here is how we used ours:

Egg Salad Toast

HINT: We added J.E. Russell’s Greenbelt microgreens and pickled radish as a garnish and to add that extra kick of flavour.




Greenbelt Microgreens

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