Michael-Angelo’s Grocery

The Pugliese family of Michael-Angelo’s known for their choice produce, have been sourcing from the Ontario Food Terminal for over 50 years. (Pictured is their new store in Aurora.)


Violet Eggplants at Michael-Angelo’s.

Local heirloom tomatoes at Michael-Angelo’s.

Apples at Michael-Angelo’s.

Fresh greens at Michael-Angelo’s.

Fresh artichokes at Michael-Angelo’s.

Bountiful produce at Michael-Angelo’s.

Above: The Pugliese family on opening day of their newest concept store in Aurora, Ontario. Frank Berardi, produce buyer (centre back). Michael Pugliese (far right) celebrates the opening with his sisters RoseAnn Andolina (in pink dress) and Sandra Berardi (in white blouse).

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We are the wholesaler tenants of the Ontario Food Terminal. The source for your fresh produce, flowers and select bulk foods. We are the link between farmers, near and far, and the independent green grocers and restaurants that you love. High-quality, organic, local, and exotic—these are our stock-in-trade. This is why we are proud to say—We grow the city.