Labour Day at the Terminal

A Select Bunch


In the fresh produce business, if you’re not a morning person, you’re going to wilt faster than a bunch of cilantro out of the cooler. And no one knows this better than the Terminal’s largest group of workers—our selectors. More commonly referred to as tow motor operators, selectors are the diligent crew who start before dawn to make sure everything is transferred from the warehouses, stalls and common cold storage to the customers’ trucks throughout the day.


Like busy bees whizzing in and out, the selectors are expected to work quickly to deliver orders. Not only concerned with pick up and delivering, selectors are prized for remembering how each customer prefers different items stacked and arranged in the truck. As they pick up, shrink-wrap, back up and stack up, it’s obvious the Terminal’s selectors are what keep this place in motion.


And with all the customer orders that come through here, they are always on the go! Between 5 a.m. and 9 a.m., when our Market is abuzz, it’s best to clear the way as they slide by on their tow motors, often piled more than a metre high with fresh produce. Their honking, skillful driving and fast pace are constant reminders that this business is indeed always on the move.


Our Selectors

Father and son Kenny Howe Sr., Royalty Produce & Kenneth Howe Jr., North American Produce Buyers—35 years and 15 years (respectively) at the Market.

Randy Ransom,  FG Lister & Co.—39 years at the Market.

Pempa Pempa, Tomato Kings—4 years at the Market.

Rudolph Grant, Stronach & Sons—23 years at the Market.

Vince Fortunato, Johnvince Foods—7 years at the Market.

Aaron Waddington, Koorneef Produce—23 years at the Market.

Darren Swain, Stronach & Sons—35 years at the Market.

Kevin Hillyard, JE Russell Produce, 10 years at the Market. 

Jamyang Yeshi, Ippolito Produce, 8 years at the Market.

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