How to Pick the Perfect Melon

Picking out the right melon can be intimidating if you’re not sure what you’re looking for. How many times have you seen someone tap-tap-tapping away at a melon in the grocery store and wondered what they’re up to? Well, wonder no more. We’ve put together some tips and tricks to help you the next time you’re marvelling at the melon stand.


1. Inspect thy melon

Whatever the type, make sure to check the exterior of the melon for any defects (signs of damage or soft spots). The melon should be intact and without bruises or blemishes.



2. Colour check

This might sound counter-intuitive, but when picking a watermelon or honeydew, be sure to pick a melon with a dull exterior. A shiny skin is a sign your melon is under-ripe. When selecting a cantaloupe or melon with a similar exterior, the skin should be golden or orange.



3. Tap (yes, do tap)

Turns out that tapping comes in handy! Tap your melon with the palm of your hand, and if it produces a hollow sound, it’s ready to eat.



4. Heavy weight is king

Your chosen melon should feel heavier than expected for its size.



5. Press and sniff

Press your finger on the round mark on your melon where the vine was cut off. It should be a bit soft, and should smell fresh and sweet.


If your melon passes these tests, you’re ready to take it home and start enjoying summer.



Try a fancy melon

In addition to the traditional watermelon and cantaloupe, there are many specialty melons to choose from. These are what we in the industry refer to as  fancy melons.  Ask for them by name at one of our independent greengrocers in your neighbourhood.




Tuscan Cantaloupe


Golden Honeydew





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