Handy Hot Pepper Scale

Hot peppers of any type are popular across the world.


They can be used just to add a kick to most dishes, or even can be the star of your dish. Their spicy heat can make any dish that much more exciting, and when used well can bring out flavours even more!

But do you know about the Scoville Scale?

Scoville heat units, so named for its creator, Wilbur Scoville are the measurement of spicy heat, or pungency, of hot peppers and spicy foods. Below you can find a helpful scale passed along from our wholesaler, Veg-Pak Produce, to keep track of the spiciness of your peppers.

Continue scrolling, and you can find some images of some of our favourite peppers.


But take care when preparing! Some of these peppers are so hot that they can rub off on your hands and cause stinging – made even worse if you rub your eyes!

If you happen to touch a hot pepper without gloves, here are some handy trick to soothe that stinging: The Best Remedies for Hot-Pepper-Hands


Hot Pepper (Scoville) Scale:



Some people bite into these mini chilis like they’re candy! If it’s your first time, maybe start with a snip of the tip.
Red chilis from Thailand. Medium-hot


Don’t let their light colour fool you. Ghost peppers are wickedly hot. Enjoy responsibly.


Top L to R: Poblano, jalapeno, yellow hot, long hot, cubanelle


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