How to host a party for food-sensitive guests

With a month to go before Christmas, the holiday season is well on its way. No need to panic, though! To get you through the season of parties, we at Freshstalks have put together a few pairings that are a far cry from the regular meat-and-cheese combinations. Besides being simple and healthy these options are great for family and friends with food sensitivities or allergies. Vegan? lactose-intolerant? gluten-free?  We have you covered. Here are a few fresh ideas that are sure to make you the most considerate host and innovative one on the dinner party circuit.


Thoughtful Food Pairings


A Hawaiian-inspired pairing that is sure to delight: Dried pineapple slices, sweetened pineapple cubes, and raw macadamia nuts



The rich, sweet flavour of figs is a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds: Purple figs from Greece and raw walnuts


Organic dried apricots from Turkey and raw almonds from California



What says holidays more than clementines? Serve them alongside some cashews as appetizers: Stem-and-leaf clementines from Spain and raw organic cashews


This Middle-Eastern inspired pairing is a perfect way to please both the sweet lovers and the savoury ones: Dates and salted pistachios


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